Pic of mono speedy w/black inclus. keyring

  1. Someone had asked for a pic a few weeks ago and lazy me, I just got around to it. Someone else has already posted this visual but here is my speedy 25 with the black inclusion keyring. I'm also posting my LV family portrait, tiny and humble as it is.....:shame:


  2. ahhhh naked patina....so pretty Lori!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. i love your agenda..so cute.You have a great collection...but don't you like a bit of color??lol
  4. Pretty : )
  5. I'm trying to like color! *LOL* But right now I'm into matching things. I have had my speedy since Feb. and it still looks like a newborn. I bought the batignolles used but it has a lovely medium patina, although the pic makes it look lighter than it is.
  6. Congrats...beautiful collection. I just ordered the speedy 30 but, looking at your 25 I wonder if I made the right decision.
  7. speedy looks great :smile: with the inclusion on it.
  8. I love your agenda!
  9. I love those little inclusion speedy keychains! They are so cute!!

    Make sure you post your collection in the collection thread sticky too!
  10. Love your collection!! Very cute agenda!
  11. Look great on your speedy! Very nice collection too!
  12. how much are the keychains? and are they on ELUX? I have never seen them there.

    I love your collection!
  13. Very cute !

    I didn't know you had a little batignolles, how cute ! :yes:
  14. Nice collection you got there!
  15. Wow, your speedy looks beautiful with the keyring!!!!!!!! I also love your agenda!