Pic of metallic paddies posted...

  1. For the gals who were asking about the different metallic colors compared to one another, I posted a picture in the reference library of my three metallic paddies next to each other: gold, aubergine, and anthracite.
    Hope this helps!:heart:
  2. Thank you so much!!!! :nuts: It's so helpful! The antrhacite and the aubergine look really different next to each other and they're both amazing colours:drool:
  3. You are so welcome!
    Aubergine and Anthracite are very different from one another. I wear my aubergine with brown all the time because it has a bronzy cast to it, whereas the anthracite is dark silvery (almost black) with no warmth whatsoever. Aubergine also looks great with black, I think. it's such a versatile color!

    If anything, I actually think the gold is redundant with the aubergine. I can wear either bag with the same outfits most of the time, if that makes sense. I might sell the gold one some day. But I just love the pocket style because it's a shoulder carry!

    I'm not sure the aubergine looks right in the photo... it looks very purple-y in the picture, and it's less purple than that in real life. But hopefully this will give you the general idea!:heart: