pic of Khaki Luxe Flap

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  1. oooooooooooo my god sexy bags
  2. Very Nice.
  3. oooh the khaki is GORGEOUS! the hw is so special, and i love it much more than the dark silver. thanks for the pic!
  4. oh, i love that dark silver. if the khaki is the same as the khaki color on the cabas, it must be tdf!
  5. DJO, is this flap larger/smaller/same compared to the original flap? Do you have any pics of the khaki bowler? :flowers:
  6. .....the flap is the same size. I've been off for a couple days,but, I'll take a picture tomm. if I have one.
  7. ^^Thanks DJO!
  8. DJO do you have any pics of the khaki bowler??? i love the hdware and color of that flap. thanks!
  9. no pics of the khaki bowler....yet. I will definetly take some when it comes in. I send pics to my clients the day anything new arrives.
  10. Such pretty bags...:drool:
  11. woooow! i love it :love: :love: