pic of Khaki Luxe Flap

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  1. Here is a pic. of the khaki w/ flap if you are still curious. I send these pics to all my clients whenever anything new comes in.

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  2. & here is a picture of what they call 'dark silver' w/ flap. This one is more popular than the khaki.

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  3. Wow--they are gorgeous! But the Khaki one looks like it is a gray color--is it just the lighting?
  4. gorgeous!

    are you an sa?
  5. Oh! Thank you so much!!
  6. Oh I like the dark silver one. The Khaki looks bronze to me.
  7. Oh how I LOVE the Luxe Flap!:heart:
    I need a different style since I already have one. . . I hope there's a style I like this year!
  8. gorgeous!! however if you did not post the colors, I would've never guesse the correct color. beautiful none-the-less though!
  9. I love the dark silver! Personally I think the Khaki looks dry.
  10. Is that the same khaki color as the baby cabas?
  11. yeah, that is the same khaki as the baby cabas......& yeah, I am a SA. The pictures I posted are in true lighting. So far, the dark silver has been more desirable. Here is another picture of a bag in the dark silver. This stlye bag isnt too popular, though. Some of the accessories like the new umbrella & watches are pretty popular as gifts for the holidays.

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  12. The khaki is identical to the Cabas in color. I saw both of these bags in person and the khaki is absolutely stunning. The photo does not do the color justice because it doesn't capture the richness of the bronze or the subtle metallic sheen. Plus the "copper" chain detail compliments the bronze tone beautifully. I was not nearly as impressed with the silver as to me, it was more of a dull gray than a metallic silver. You really have to see this bag in person to fully appreciate it!
  13. I totally agree with you! I have also seen both IRL and the picture of that khaki one really cannot capture the richness and the metallic sheen of the color. The dark silver is ok but I actually prefer the bronze/khaki more.
  14. Would you be able to tell me the style numbers of both these colors (don't know if the style numbers vary depending on the colors) so I can have that handy when I talk to a SA over the phone? Thank you:smile: .

    Chanel is just killing me with all these beautiful bags:sweatdrop: !!

  15. I love this bag...:love:

    I've seen the bronze Luxury Bags IRL. Unfortunately the flap bag wasn't available at this time. I would have liked to "try" it...:love: :love: :love:

    The color fits perfectly with my read hair :yahoo: Yeah, a bag has to fit to my style, so I only prefere brown, green...all the fall colors ;)