Pic of how much the Mini Pochette Accessories can fit

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I will post this photo on my original thread as well. Here is a photo of how much I can fit into the mini pochette: Motorola Q (PDA/smartphone, but the slimmest model on the market right now), Chanel powder compact, glossimer, cles w/ 3 keys and keyless entry/alarm. Again, this is a good choice for anyone who cannot fit their smartphone into the Wapity b/c of height/length. Anyone with something a bit thicker than my phone, like a Blackberry or Treo will probably not be able to fit a compact and their phone at once (unless the compact is slim-Chanel's packaging is fairly bulky). Hth someone!
  2. Thanks Chiclawyer! I was going to get my daughter a little vuitton - she's 14 but wiser than her age, she's an outstanding, trustworthy kid. And wants to go to Parsons when she graduates HS. She's always eyeing my Wapity and I wanted to get her something vuitton for her birthday this month. And this is perfect! Thanks!!!
  3. It fits so much:nuts: Thanks for this!
  4. Thanks for the pic! :flowers:
  5. :wtf: How can you survive with that?!?


    just kidding, it's really cute, but I could never pull that off. The moment I switch to something smaller than my Speedy 35 I feel like I left everything important at home. :wacko:

    I need (or at least think that I need) my 2 cells (Sidekick2, Nokia 7370), my LV Agenda, my MJ Clutch wallet, my Hello Kitty card holder, my keys, a lipgloss AND chewing gum (most important *g*).

    I'm already dreading the next sunday. I'm invited to a good friends wedding and have no clue what bag to take (and I guess: Speedy 35 + Gown = :throwup: )

    Kind regards,
    Kittie :heart:
  6. what's the retail on this?
    (couldn't find it on elux)
  7. That's too cute! I am sure she will love it!

    Thanks for the snap!
  8. hmm... does that mean it's discontinued, or just not available on elux at the moment? i think the retail price was $215, but i might be wrong...
  9. located this photo hope it helps.
  10. This is by no means an everyday purse. It is for running errands or as a casual clutch for nights out/sporting event etc. My everyday bag is normally pretty huge, like my large Gucci horsebit hobo.

    For the wedding, try paring down to a large clutch....just take one cell, keys, makeup, ID and cash. You don't need a huge wallet and planner for an event! :o)
  11. It was $215 pre-tax iirc. hth! :o)
  12. That's what you think! :lol:

    I actually was thinking about getting a clutch, but since by now I don't even have a dress (PANIC! :wtf:), it will have to wait.

    Have a great evening,
    Kittie :heart:
  13. Cool, thanks for the picture :smile:
  14. I don't have pics, but this is what I keep in my T&B mini pochette:

    lip gloss
    credit cards
    cell phone

    And I still have room.
  15. Nicee!
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