Pic of how I reorganized my LV bags and slgs.

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  1. Hello Lovelies!! I finally took sometime to reorganize my wardrobe for the spring and decided to dedicate the bottom two shelves for my bags and slgs. What do you think? Any suggestions on how to make it better?.If you've found an awesome way to showcase yours please show pics. Thanks! :smile:

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  2. I found that the ikea expedit works great for storage. You can only fit a certain size within each cube, but for SLG's I think it's the perfect size!
  3. Here is a pic of how I use mine, but you could alter to your needs :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397363200.057619.jpg
  4. Hi Baibaiba, I like how clean and organize yours look. Are those bags and slgs inside of the compartments?
  5. Hello artsyLVchick (sorry don't know how to quote on iPhone) thank you! But no it's currently makeup storage lol. I am quite new to designer purses and started purchasing this year but I think it could definitely hold SLG's no problem. Or I have also seen ladies use the Ikea "Billy bookshelves" as purse storages.
  6. Hi Baibaibai, with the Android phone, you tap on the text. I'm not sure if that works with the iPhone. Oh my, your makeup collection must be pretty nice to have that much storage. Are you a MUA? Hmmm, it does look like it could hold quite a bit of slgs thought. I will check out the billy bookshelves online and see how the ladies and gents are storing their items.
  7. Hi Everyone! I went to Ikea and purchased the Detolf shelving display cabinet. I'm planning to use it for holding my designer handbags, mini pochettes and wallet. I'll post pictures after I assemble it.

  8. Got it!! Thank you! No I'm not I just a collector, but I recently bought my first LV this year, which is quite dangerous because now I'm planning my next purchase lol. But yes definitely check out the billy bookshelves, I hope you find what you are looking for :smile:

  9. I can't wait to see the end result, I'm looking forward to it!
  10. Looks good, great idea
  11. Oh, now I'm anxious to know what your first LV purchase was, please share..:smile:
  12. Oh wow! Please post pics.
  13. +1

  14. It was a Alma Pm in Noir Magnetique 😍
  15. Gorgeous bag. What's next on your list?