pic of gucci spr/sum 07 shoes/bags

  1. saw these in a magazine. i dont think it looks that great :s
  2. Hmm.. I'm not impressed either.. Maybe it'll look better in person?
  3. it doesnt look like gucci.
  4. Eek! Scary!
  5. im not feelin any of those
  6. i like the belts and low silver sandals. ;)
  7. I like the silver bag on the last line...I saw it in other magazine and looked nice...Those designs look fun actually...not elegant & classic...but it's interesting.
  8. I like the collection alot! Young and Fun!:yes:
  9. Maybe the magazine isn't doing them justice.....
  10. Is it really the 2007 collection? it looks if they're from another era?? or from space :s !