pic of dark red re~issue

  1. sorry about the quality! ~ but atleast we can get a better idea of the colour ~ the pic is on page 101 of the february issue (UK edition) of Instyle Magazine ~ it is detailed as "chanel red quilted bag" ~ the photograph is v dark & so difficult to take a pic of ~ the bag looks as if it has quite a sheen or glaze to it but is def not metallic ~ i think the colour is really lovely but as it only comes with gold hardware ~ i'm afraid it's not for me ~ :crybaby: ~ v ~ :flowers:
    chanel dark red reissue pic1.jpg chanel dark red reissue pic2.jpg chanel dark red reissue pic3.jpg chanel dark red reissue pic4.jpg
  2. wow, thanks for posting!!
  3. nice.......drool.............
  4. Thanks for posting. Would have loved it in silver hardware as well.
  5. ^ITA - i think silver hardware would have made it less glitzy - I always have trouble with bags that are too classy LOL - I look like I'm playing dress-ups with my mum's handbags.
  6. Thanks for posting Viki, that bag looks amazing and quite similar to the bordeaux re-issue that a few Pfrmers have. Did instyle give a UK price for this BTW!
  7. ^:lol: ~ me too i_wona! ~ i like chanel with a bit of an edge!
  8. £1100 ~ it's a 224 ~ or should i say ~ 24cm!! ~ the size i like ~ but not the h/w ~ :sad:

  9. ^Thanks Viki, it looks quite big for a 224 but that is probably due to the size 0 model!!!!
  10. thanks for posting viki. its a beautiful colour
  11. yes! :lol:
  12. oh my god me want.
  13. It's gorgeous, I like it better than the purple one. :smile:
  14. They really meant dark when they said it!
  15. I like this dark red much better than a lighter, bright tomato red. Thanks for posting.