Pic of Charlotte Gainsbourg w. a Bal bag!

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  1. I'm posting this in the "Celebs w. Bal" sticky as well, but I just had to share my findings w. the whole group.


    It's from the November 2007 issue of French Elle. I think it looks like a Day/Hobo... Thoughts?

    :heart: Bal + Charlotte = :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. Wow....great pic. Is this the girl one of the Gerard Darel bags was designed for and named after? Love the shoes too.
  3. Day bag - it is gorgeous!
  4. debsmith~ Yes! She's the daughter of Jane Birkin and Gerard Darel really likes her style so he created and named the "Charlotte" (24 hour) bag after her. She's still pretty open about carrying Bal, though :thup:

    lovelygarments~ lol, "Day" bag at night.
  5. uhoh- I've been debating whether or not to get a black day, but telling myself I can always get it later, and to wait and save funds for bags on my wishlist. This pic doesn't help at all...now I really want a black day!!!

    sheesh, she could use a burger though. Excuse my ignorance, but I'm not sure who she is?
  6. She's a very famous french icon!
    Her father is Serge Gainsbourg and her mother Jane Birkin!!

    In this months FRENCH VOGUE she mentions a myriad of "fav" Balenciaga items, included is a Cafe Day bag and the Aviator bag.
  7. Well corrected! Besides being a very famous and loved French icon she's also a great actress and a not to bad singer. (Her singing début was with the very controversial song "Lemon Incest" which she sang with her father Serge Gainsbourg)

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  8. she's a fabulous actress! you can't keep your eyes off her! GENES!
  9. i adore her! She always looks so effortlessly amazing!
  10. Wonderful photo.. she looks incredible
  11. ah ha, thanks for informing me!
  12. I think that this is so funny to see her with a Bal because she's the model for Gerard Darel handbags, a handbag which you see practically every other woman in Paris carrying. And she loves Bal! I love it.
  13. She gets paid by Darel to model and to use her name.
    She's good friends with Ghesquiere and actually pretty much only wears Bal clothing/shoes and bags.

    My camera was stolen from my hotel (5star my a$$) last month... camera photos....

    These photos are from December's French Vogue. The entire issue was about her, and Balenciaga.
    gainsbourgghesquiere.jpg gainsbourgday.jpg gainsbourgaviator.jpg
  14. I love Charlotte and her music!:yes:
  15. A true Frenchwoman. Doing whatever she wants and what suits her personal style. I swear, she makes this bag look so chic that you can't resist it!
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