Pic of Bellagio from the Eiffel Tower (Vegas)

  1. ...Alrighty...a few of you know I was in Vegas the last 4 days for a womens hockey tourney (annual tradition!).

    Just sorting through a few pics...this is one of my favorites - a shot of the Bellagio from the Eiffel Tower restaurant at Paris. What a fabulous lunch!! This was the first stop for those of us on an early bird flight from Seattle.

    I so want to come back there for dinner and watch the fountain show at night!
  2. Ah I love Vegas - looks like fab weather there too - sure beats this Seattle snow!!
  3. Wow! That is a stunning view! I have never been to Vegas! Thanks for sharing!
  4. i love the bellagio! can't stay anywhere else hehehe.
  5. OMG I have not even been IN there yet or in the shops! Call me crazy, but every time I've been to Vegas it's with a group of 15 girls and it's for the hockey tournament, so we've got a weird game schedule plus, well, let's face it getting 15 girls to do things together or even in smaller groups is like herding cats, LMAO.

    Next time for sure!! :tup:
  6. Good Lord that is an amazing view!

    I have never been to Vegas...oh, someday!!!
  7. I love the Bellagio! Stayed there two times and it was really great. Vegas is a lot of fun shopping and eating. :p
  8. omg pursegrrl i got scared for a minute...i was like what is quinn doing on tpf???lmbo~!!
  9. ^^LMAO PM, you should check out the Real Housewives of Orange County thread in the TV/Cinema subforum...a bunch of us have RHOOC avatars!! hee hee.
  10. i saw the thread!! i was cracking up!! quinns ( ur avatar) is the funniest!!hope ur having a great vacation!!
  11. ^^ I sure did! Lots of hockey, eating, drinking, gambling. Only thing missing this trip was shopping and some shows. Only so much you can cram into 4 days! The Monte Carlo fire on Friday (1/25) was a huge downer for a sister team of ours who was staying on the 30th floor there, but thankfully they were all OK and they got moved to the Luxor.

    Next time I go back it's going to be more shopping focused! Gotta get to the Wynn too...
  12. Beautiful, remainds me of Ocean's eleven!
  13. Ahh I love Vegas. The shopping is superb and the food...TDF hehe
  14. I've never been there either :crybaby:
  15. i'm such a nerd. every time i watch ocean's 11 i always say "i know where that is!" when they have scenes in the hotel lol