pic of audrey hepburn with the speedy??

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  1. does anyone have the pic of audrey hepburn with the speedy??
  2. here you go.
  3. that was fast!! thanks a bunch!
  4. [​IMG]

    one more!
  5. i think i have another one but can't find it.. :sad:
  6. and here's sophie loren :smile:

  7. nice!! :smile:
  8. i love it! i love it!! thanks!
  9. OMG! aydrey is sooo HOT! i love her, classic beauty.
    not to mention miss loren :yes:
  10. I know it's so common but that's what I want eventually, a monogram speedy 25. :girlsigh:
  11. that's so awsome!!
  12. is audreys a 25 or 30 ?? 25 i think ...but looks big cus shes so tiny !
  13. that is such a great photo...thank you...I love my speedy all the more now...classic and chic....:yahoo:
  14. That goes to show you how classic Lv really is
  15. audrey's speedy is a 35 :smile: she had that custom-made then vuitton made it a reg line, then the 30 and 25 followed :smile: