Pic of Ali on Shoulder

  1. Looking, but can't find it, can one of you lucky Ali owners post one please. Went to my Coach store yesterday wanting to try it on, but they shipped out all the Legacy the day before. Frusrated and ready to buy!!!!!!If you can take a picture and post one of the Ali on your shoulder it would help me spend my money, oh yea, I don't really need any help doing that.:p
  2. never mind my outfit okay...i'm home sick!!

  3. Very nice, it looks great on you!:smile:
  4. THanks looks great, looks pretty big...what all do you fit in there?
  5. i can fit:
    --legacy striped cosmetics case
    --lv antigua plate
  6. Just wondering if you know when the Ali came out in stores or online? Was it Nov/Dec 06?
  7. It's a little blurry! But it works :heart:
  8. I agree, it does look good on you Blackbutterfly. :yes:

  9. thank you both! ;)
  10. Looks great!