Pic of $850 LV cotton-covered beaded necklace

  1. Would you pay $850 for it?

    Pic from InStyle magazine, Feb 07 issue.

  2. I saw this last night on the train ride home..I was flipping through my InStyle and was like wow..LV?? Nope...too much for a beaded necklace..sorry I won't be buying this.
  3. No, but I do love those shoes!
  4. Nah.. I'd rather pay about the same for the faux pearls from Chanel !
  5. Mmhmmm Ayla!! I saw that in the magazine and I was like 850 :shrugs: I agree those shoes are cute.
  6. plus its cotton! that's really pretty stupid.
  7. I dont like it at all, and wouldn't buy it for $8.50!
  8. no way. LV or not, that's a ridiculous price
  9. I'll pass!
  10. Not my style, and not my price either ;)
  11. Would it kill them to not jack up the price? I mean, I understand that value is determined by whatever someone will pay, but still, if this thing was $200 or $300, they would definitely turn off fewer customers.
  12. Not elegant like LV.
  13. Wow! That's gorgeous for the spring/summer lightweight outfits with a pair of espadrilles. Very nice. I can't afford a faux necklace for that price though.
  14. It's a cute necklace...but NO, I wouldn't pay $850 for it, I would rather buy a handbag. :smile:
  15. no way!