*Pic* of 4 LV Lovers and 1 PFer tag-along!

  1. Just wanted to share a group pic of :party:(from left): Tosh, Designing Style, Zinister, Material Me, and GyrlLayney (me) posing happily in front of the LV store in KOP!


    We all had a wonderful time getting to know one another and oohing/aahing over each other's bags as well as the store's inventory.

    While some lucky gals were giddy over purchases made that very day (Designing Style and Zinister) or having decided what's up next (Material Me) I didn't buy anything that day and was just happy to have a girl's day out with fellow tPFers (and also sport my matching JC bag and boots)! :girlsigh:

    And now that I have seen and fondled the :drool:Biker Motard:drool: IRL, I am utterly convinced that it was created only FOR ME, as it is my HG of all things LV! That is one helluva bag, y'all. Will someone buy my kidney for $4050, plus tax, pretty please???

    :drinks:Cheers to our beloved Purse Forum and all of its wonderful members!

  2. Great pic!! Sounds like a great time!!
  3. Aw how nice! Looks like you all had fun...what did you get (anyone who went)?
  4. Thanks for sharing pics --- I love seeing fellow tPFers together!

    Yes --- I'm with you on that black Motard Biker ---dang, that is one HOTTTT bag. Sorry, can't buy your kidney, as I am also trying to sell mine to get that bag. Haha.
  5. I see happy faces!!! Congrats on all the new purchases!!!!
  6. Thank you for posting this lovely picture of happy, smiling LV-loving faces! So glad you met and had such fun together.
  7. Great pic! Sound like lots of fun!
  8. Glad u had fun!! you all look great!!
  9. Fun, Fun, Fun !
  10. How fun!!!! Very nice pic of you gals!!!
  11. What a wonderful picture!
    Thanks for sharing.........what's in the bags?
  12. I love tPF meets. This is what its all about. We gotta have another MN one.
  13. wow, thanks for posting! looks like u guys had fun!! and everyone has lovely bags!!
  14. Whats inside the paper bagS!! COme on~~~
  15. What a great time you had! It is nice to put faces to TPF'ers.:smile: