Pic...!!new Color Paddy?

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  1. What is this green color called...We saw it at the K of P mall at Nordstroms today ..Here is a pic - Jillybean held it for me..LOL!!
  2. PS- Saw the Black paddy with the black lock..Did NOT love it at all..eek...Like the old lock style way better.
  3. Hey Jill,
    I believe that is the jade color that came out for the fall.
    A PF outing, how fun!
  4. Looks like Jade???
  5. Love it btw!!!!
  6. Yes looks like Jade to me! :yes:
  7. Cool.
  8. Nice to see Jade in a real life photo instead of just the LVR pics.

    Thanks for sharing! :yes:
  9. Agree. =)
  10. Thankfully Chloe makes a rainbow of colors -- I love my Black/Black. Yes that's Jade, beautiful!
  11. Beautiful Jade! Yeah it's definitely nicer to see it in regular photo rather than website photos. Nice! :flowers:
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