Pic! my paddy and bay

  1. Here are some pictures!

    I also made this myspace page for pictures collection and will keep it updated!


    add me! :p
    All Paddy.JPG All other.JPG
  2. Wow - I love your Chloes! The Bay bags are gorgeous. Congrats!
  3. beautiful...congrats!!!!
  4. congrats! Great collection!
  5. What a beautiful collection--congrats!!!
  6. What a beautiful collection! Especially your Bay bags:love:
  7. :heart: Nice collection!!!
  8. Love your paddies... what a great colour combination!!
  9. delicious!
  10. congrats! ;)
  11. I love them!
  12. Lovely collection!!! :yes:
  13. OMG, beautiful bags!! Especially love the Bays, the gorgeous photos here have completely ignited my lust for these! :tender: enjoy them all :smile:
  14. Gorgeous! That leather looks so soft, smooshy, and wonderful. Great bags!
  15. Hey lovechloe!

    Gorgeous collection! :heart:
    What's the correct name of the black paddington?
    Coz I want to get the same one! And how much did you pay for?

    Thx in advance