PIC....My 2 favorite COACH charms on a MK bag...

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  1. I fought to the death for this pretty "T" initial charm on EBAY a few weeks back, I just got this Michael Kors bag for $125 (regular price $328) which I'm in love with. I know some people don't believe in mixing COACH charms on non COACH bags but I think they look nice.
  2. really good bag but with the charms they're better. is the bag black or navy blue?
  3. It's black.
  4. Hey I used to have this bag in vanilla (I think, or whatever the off white was called!). I sold it back a while ago. I admit I'm not one to mix charms with other brand bags, but these look really great with your bag!!
  5. I think the charms look great on that bag!
  6. The charm looks great and so does the bag! Enjoy!
  7. OH I love that bag! The charms look cute, who cares what others think, if you like it...
  8. I think it looks great - lovely bag!
  9. Thank you ladies, I love both of these charms and most of my bags have brass hardware so I'm happy to have a bag where the bag's
    hardware complements the charm. Everyone has their issues, :P I don't like mixing hardware, lol.
  10. it looks great!
  11. They look wonderful on that bag! Very cute!
  12. I love your charms on that bag. Did you get your Michael Kors bag at the Outlet?
    Great Bag!
  13. can you post a picture of this on...i'm wondering how big it is...i need a bag like this!!

  14. Charms really make our bags look adorable, don't they? Hooray for charms!
  15. Thanks, no EBAY!