Pic/info/advice request Kelly pouchette

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  1. Ladies, I have come to the experts in search of advice...and pics if possible... on a kelly pouchette. Last year I was searching for one for Megs in white...one SA I spoke to must have a great memory and notes...because she called me yesterday with a rose dragee (is that right? I am horrible when it comes to colors) in swift. When I told her I was at that time looking for a gift, but that I loved the style and might be interested. She mentioned she also had one black...I forgot to ask what leather the black was.

    I am really think of getting one. I could use a 'pick me up' and not much is catching my eye.

    What color is rose dragee? She discribed it as 'barely pink', almost white....any pics of the color? It sounds lovely for spring.

    ...or should I go for classic black?

    Thanks for any advice, I know I am not a regular in this forum, but you all were so helpful when I was shopping for Megs, I was hoping for more help :smile:

  2. Let me go find a pic for you sweetie! BRB!
  3. I think it is a great choice personally! Rose dragee in person is just so much more beautiful than you can capture in pictures. And in a KP, it will be stunning!!!
  4. Hi Twinkle – I actually just purchased a little black Kelly pochette in black swift with PHW. Here’s the pic I put in my reveal thread. The swift is so velvety soft and I think it’s a lovely evening bag. I hope this helps your decision making process!

    I love the rose dragee color, but I personally could never own such a delicate/lightly colored bag – it would not look very fresh after a few weeks with me!

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  5. Rose Dragee KP would be so pretty! And it's so classy in Swift leather as it's velvety and soft. I would grab it - well I'm sucker for light coloured bags...
  6. That color and bag are gorgeous!! Go for it!
  7. Rose dragee is lovely, but I would be afraid of stains... the black is fantastic, my first choice!!! Look at Purple D's, it's a all year 'round & evening perfect bag!
  8. Gorgeous bag, gorgeous color. Please make sure you post whatever you get!!! Can't wait to see. You deserve it.
  9. Rose Dragee in swift is really beautiful IRL and I really, really love pink, but I passed on a Kelly 32, just too high maintenance for me at this point. SA agreed.
  10. Great to have you back twinkle! How have you been???
  11. twinkle, have you made a decision? I think it depends on what you want to wear it with but I have to say, I have a black KP in evercalf and it is so versatile. The black makes it very nice to use as an evening bag.
    If you totally love rose dragee as a color and have things to wear it with, then follow your heart. A small light color bag is easier to keep clean than a big light color bag. And the KP has a handle so you don't have to touch the bag itself.