Pic i Found

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  1. Found this pic, loved the clours but have never seen anything like it before?

    Are they real, or real fake?
  2. i thought i saw one like d on eBay once...going for like 17,000
  3. I saw them on Celebrities with LV thread...I think they r real.
  4. I've never seen the top ones but I know for sure the bottom ones are real.
  5. I have seen all of the bags pictured. The top ones are the Art Deco bags and retail for approx $27k and the bottom ones are Les Extraordinaires bags. All real.
  6. I've seen c & d in those colors, but a & b in a different color.
  7. I have seen them all and I'm pretty sure they are authentic but very rare! Bag C was AU$32000 when I was flicking through the look book :wtf:
  8. Wow, those are some wild LV!
  9. oh yeah.. def seen them.

    i know bags a & b are made of sea animal skin (aka shark, sea rays, eels, etc), and c&d are of land reptiles.. (alligator, croc, etc).
  10. frozen is right, I remember shark skin on an LV bag
  11. Yes they are real, very rare. Looove the art deco bags.
  12. sara jessica parker has one of the two at the top but in a different style... i know the pic is in the celeb forum.
  13. Those are hot.
  14. They are beautiful and the colors are just so beautiful!!!!! TDF!
  15. They are real.. i've seen them in LV boutique in london couple of years ago but they were very very expensive!!