Pic heavy reveal ... of my SAFFt new bag!

  1. Whos' ready to see?!
  2. Me!
  3. Me!!!! :couch:
  4. Me too!:woohoo:
  5. Ready Freddy!
  6. Me!!!
  7. Go girl!
  8. you go girl
  9. :popcorn:
  10. Thanks, Ladies! Can't wait to share this one...I have been so excited about this bag since I saw it in the previews. I can say that it is not exactly what is in the preview pics....because I am not a top handle bag kinda gal (tried them in the past, and keep returning them...) So while it is CLOSE to this bag, what I'm revealing is not exactly this bag in ther previews....
    Madison Saffiano Madeline EW Satchel_25616_Red Multi.jpg
  11. But darn close!

    Enough teasing?! Time for lots of pics!!!!
  12. Jeopardy Music
  13. Without any more playing around, here is my SUPER SAFFt bag. I mean SUPER SOFT.

    The new MADISON SMALL SAFFIANO MADELINE E/W SATCHEL. Style # 25616 for $458.00
    I was more than pleasantly surprised that the bag was priced 458.00 I did expect a higher price point for this gorgeous bag....first pic is about as IRL as I can get with my camera. Notice how the saffiano is the deep pink color and the smooth leather on the sides is more of an orangey-red. I love the contrast. LOVE the contrast, and the way the gold hardware really pops!

    More pics to come, btw!

    (PS I triple-checked my listing of the bag info as I've been so prone to terrible typos lately. Again, this bag is the Madison Small Saffiano Madeline EW Satchel Style # 25616 for $458.00)
    Bag Pic_IRL color closest.jpg
  14. Yeaaayyyyyyy! I'm excited about all the fall bags, bring it on!
  15. I'm ready & slow....lol

    Gorgeous handbag.