Pic for selling on ebay?

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  1. I need to sell my chloe bags on eBay, can someone tell me how should I take the pictures to poor authenticity?
  2. do you mean to prove authenticity? take lots of good, clear, close up pics of all the points a buyer would look for in an auth chloe, i'm not an expert on chloe so i can't help you out much more than that
  3. clear up close pics in a very well lit room preferably with lots of direct sunlight, use a site like auctiva.com to host lots of pics. I never have less than 10 pics of the bags I sell on eBay

    I also always stuff my bags full of towels, tissue, whatever is around to make it full, they photograph so much better than way
  4. I take my pics outside in clear natural light. This allows for an accurate depiction of the beg. Make sure all angles (i.e, each side, top, bottom, front, inside, back), any datecodes/serial numbers or creeds are photographed as well. Clear documentation of the bag is imperative to eBay listings of designer items. The pictures also tell the buyers exactly the condition the bag is in. I use my digital and upload the pics into my computer, watermark them and then subit using ebay's pic upload system.

    Good luck!:tup: