PIC - Darkwhite PNY Flap Bag

  1. I'm struggling with the size a bit (feels huge) but I love the style and color.

  2. That's gorgeous! Is there a zipper around the bottom? I wish I could calm down enough about a white bag to own one. I stress enough with black!
  3. Seriously..that bag is just..GORGEOUS!!:heart: it!:tender:
  4. OMG!! I am just dying to have a dark white and trying to decide on style. That is gorgeous, Smooth!!
  5. WOW! Absolutely gorgeous!:love:
  6. OMGosh! I LOVE that bag!
    I think it looks great on you! :yes:
  7. Smooth,
    This is so grand! I love this off white color. I have never seen this bag IRL, what is the purpose of the zippered bottom? Hugh, we love hugh bags, I love it , love it!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Stunning!!
  9. Thanks ladies. I was told the darkwhite was sold out in presales. It was very difficult to get. Luckily I have good connections.

    So not too big?

    Yes, the bottom zips open to make the bag larger (taller). I don't imagine I'll ever unzip it.
  10. Later today I'll get closer pics of the bag, maybe even unzipped just for reference.
  11. I love the color!! Gorgeous!
  12. Smooth,

    Keep those connection, it is really working for you. Beautiful bag.
  13. Wow - it is a beauty! I think it looks great on you esp on the shoulder.
  14. NO, not too big!

    I agree, the zipper is just there for details. . . I wouldn't ever unzip it either ;)
  15. it's GORGEOUS!! looks great on you, i don't think it's too big
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