PIC - BRONZE Baby Cabas

  1. From the Neiman Marcus The Book
    Bronze Baby Cabas.jpg
  2. :nuts: Oh no! Now I am definitely going to get the khaki! I forgot how beautiful it was because the trunk show was so long ago.:sweatdrop: Thanks for posting!
  3. Also, here is a picture of the Navy distressed patent reissue:
    Navy Distressed Patent Reissue.jpg
  4. Both bags are TDF. I am especially liking the navy patent reissue.
  5. Yeah, me too Michele. I returned the distressed patent ritz and asked Brendan to let me know the minute a the navy distressed reissue was available.:yahoo:
  6. wow, the khaki is beautiful!! i'm waiting on mine which i preordered at my trunk show last week... i'm getting impatient now that i've seen the pic!
    the navy is gorgeous too IRL... very rich blue.
  7. I love the bronze cabas!!!
  8. Aaahhhhh:nuts: :nuts: !!! I :heart: it:yes: !!! Thanks, Mon, for posting it finally:yahoo: !

  9. Wow! Well that got the juices flowing...time for a fix!
  10. GASP!!!
    Both are divine!!!
    I guess I should crack open those catalogs, they've been sitting on my nightstand :sad:
  11. Finally....... At Last....... a pic of the bronze baby Cabas:wlae:
    Thank you so very much~~~~ girl, "they don't call you Smooth for nuthin'" :queen: LOL

    I am SOOOOOO glad I am on the wait list for this one!!!!:yahoo:

    It is beautiful in khaki!!

    Thanks again for the pic~~~
  12. Swank how could you???? You have all those wonderful catalogs that some of us don't have and you don't even look?? I wonder if there is a ban for that?:shrugs: LOL

    NM is the only major department store credit card I don't have. Guess I am gonna be forced to get that one too so I can get on the mailing list and "look at the pictures"~~
  13. Wow :heart: :heart: :heart: the bronze Coco Cabas... thanks for posting! It was so hard to imagine what it would look like!
  14. OMG, I have to have this one!

  15. BTW love the sandals too. I wish it were still warm enough here to wear them. They are so cute. I love the rhinestone CCs.