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  1. Anyone play? I am soo interested in learning to play that I just bought myself one :yahoo:...
  2. Big Congrats! I haven't played in about 10 years. I had to sell my piano when I moved. Hope you get good use of it. I miss mine, BIG time.
  3. Congrats mrsklem14, I hope you do learn to play. Unfortunately I don't know how to play the piano and would, like you, like to learn to play but my DH won't allow me to get a piano. Maybe now that my son is leaving home I can use his old room for a piano...hmm now there's a thought.
  4. I do! I only got lessons for 3 years but have continued playing because I love it so much :heart: When my family moved into our new home (I was 15), I got to keep our piano - in my room! :smile:

    You will absolutely love playing!
  5. I play! Started lessons at 4!
    DH bought me a black grand piano for our 1st anniversary, it's the most beautiful thing in my home!
  6. My mom is a classically trained pianist -- she went to Oberlin and Juilliard. So I started playing at around 5-6 years old. But ... in our tiny place in SF, there is no room for a piano. Someday I hope to play more often again. At one point I'll be inheriting my mom's 1925 ebony Steinway grand, which I know I will cherish. But hopefully she will be around for a long time before I inherit it!

    Are you going to take lessons with a teacher?
  7. I've played since I was 6......24 years now, so you do the math :P. It is my stress relief, my first love, my sanity-saver some days. Can you tell I am very passionate about my piano?!

  8. Haha that's hilarious but soo amazing that you've been playing that long. I want to sort of teach myself... I know, sounds crazy but if I start slow I'm thinking I'll learn the harder stuff...right? I am so excited though, I'm 18 and I was doubting it a little bit b/c I thought it may be a little too old to start but then I thought what the heck! I'm not even 20 yet lol. It's actually like a key board piano and it's so cute it's portable too.

    Thank you all !!! xoxo
  9. it's like reading. . . it's never too late
  10. your soo right! I love that
  11. I used to play when I was younger but quit. I feel so bad for my parents now that I am an adult. I played for years on a keyboard at home, w/ the only real piano at church or my teacher's house and when they finally bought me a piano for our house, I decided to quit. I have no idea why I did that, but still feel bad!
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    Congrats! Very exciting!
    It's never too late to learn. Do you have a teacher yet? Can you read music? Is there a certain genre that you're interested in, i.e. classical, jazz, pop? You are going to have a great time!
  13. Used to play, no room for a piano in our little house, and my mom won't give me the piano anyway. She likes the way it looks in her house :P When we get a bigger house, I'll buy another one.

    I played the violin too, and I was better at that than the piano, but I liked the piano more. My teacher used to say it's because you can accompany yourself on the piano, makes it more interesting.
  14. I used to play, and still have a full sized, weighted keyboard at home so I can dabble. I'd have to really commit to practicing to get up to the level I used to be at, unfortunately. I was 16 when I passed the Canadian Royal Conservatory grade 10 exam, and it's been a very long time since then!
  15. about a year after i bought my house my parents brought down my piano to me :smile: actually it was being stored at one of my relative's house because my parents moved out of state and didn't want to take it with them.

    i took lessons from 4th grade up until 11th grade... i wasn't real serious about it.. my teacher was great. I did all the events... like learning a song and being 'judged' on it..

    i'll pick at my piano every once in awhile... but i love that it's just in my house