Piano Duo - Lighter Colours?

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  1. Having now seen the Piano Duo bag I have completely fallen in love with it.
    However, I would like it in box leather and my store advise that it is only available in darker colours in box. I did ask if it would be available in more summery colours and they didn't think so....

    So, I thought if anyone would really know, it would be the lovely members here. Can anyone advise whether the Piano Duo in box is available in lighter shades? TIA
  2. Slightly OT, does anyone know the price of the Piano Duo in box?
  3. yes. 5400 in box (maybe 5600 actually). it comes in suede in lighter colors: light gray and dusty beige
  4. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Hermesaholic, I will enquire about these colours