Pianegonda, anyone?

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  1. I own a couple of pairs of Pianegonda earrings that I love. I was just wonder if there were an other Pianegonda lovers out there?
  2. oooooooh, me me me!!!!!! i don't own anything Pianegonda just yet but i love love LOVE their rings!!!!! ACL, please post a pic of your earrings!!!!
  3. Love! :love:
  4. I love Pianegonda! I have the looong necklace with the heart that looks like a dagger. I would love to have more!!!
  5. oh i think i have that necklace. see?! hehe.

    i love the matching bracelet. confusion bracelet, i may buy that for myself soon!

    i prefer pianegonda over tiffanys anytime.
  6. i do like Pianegonda very much!
  7. I have the earrings that match that necklace. They're on Elux now:


    I also have their Star Dust earrings. I don't think they make those anymore. I haven't seen them anywhere. I'll take some pics of both pairs later and post 'em.
  8. Here's my pics. I apologize if they are sort of dark. I had to turn off the flash, because it created too much glare. I am a lousy photographer. :P

    ETA: I probably should have watermarked these. Oops!
    pianegonda1.jpg pianegonda2.jpg
  9. [​IMG]

    ow. does it hurt your ears? it looks like a "knife" to me.
  10. ^^No, they don't hurt at all. The "dagger hearts" might look sharp, but they're not. They're pretty comfortable to wear, actually.
  11. I too love Pianegonda, I have a small but growing collection. :graucho:
  12. I am really liking some of their bracelet and rings. I prefer Pianegonda over Tiffany as well, they have more edgy design
  13. A lot of Tiffany designs are really small and delicate. I am a larger woman, and little stuff like that gets lost on me. I need something bigger and bolder. That's why I like Pianegonda.
  14. I really love Pianegonda!!:love:


  15. Uh oh.. last thing I need is someone else to fix my jewelry addiction! Debating whether to clcik on that link!
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