Piaget Watch or Hermes Lizard Birkin

  1. I know someone has posted a similar question recently, but it's now my turn looking for something as my retirement present (using a portion of my retirement fund!) I am choosing between a piaget diamond watch or Hermes Lizard Birkin which I liked. I don't have a birkin yet, but have a chaumet watch in similar style. My DH is not delighted in seeing the watch, but ok on the Birkin. What is your preference here?

    I need to make up my mind tonight as I will be getting either the watch or Hermes tomorrow, as I am afraid either will go tmr (economic is very very good in HK although the stock market turned bad, because the chinese mainlanders are super rich, and spent a lot of money without thinking. I saw the same Piaget watch in yellow gold sold this afternoon, glad that yellow gold is not my cup of tea. If they have to reorder new stock, they can only give 20% discount vs 25% discount.
  2. I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but there's a reason we call them "Girl's best friend". Diamonds! I'm looking at it from an investment standpoint.
  3. True. Have you seen how prices are going lately on the big stonkers?? :wtf:
  4. sorry, go for the lizard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. U-huh! Gosh, I should wear my jewelry more. Just hate going through all the boxes to find one piece.
  6. I'm voting for the Lizard Birkin!! :rochard:
  7. Sorry , I'm voting for the Lizard :heart::heart:
  8. I am voting for the Lizard Birkin as well... it is harder to come by...
  9. I've gone the teeny tiny ziplock bag route.

    Also I do w/ jewellery what I do with bags. Take out what I want to use/wear for a while and that's the stuff that's out of the safe for two weeks or whatever. I'm too lazy to rotate bag/watch/jewellery every single day.
  10. Definitely lizard birkin,i would take that over a watch(even with diamonds)any day!
  11. I say get the Piaget watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    You can look at it all the time, wear it everyday and the obvious reason is the DIAMONDS ofcourse!!!
  12. Ugh, can't use ziploc bags with South Seas though. I need velvet lined pearl cases for those. I should do as you do and not rotate.
  13. I SERIOUSLY rotate, keep rotating!!!! Your South Seas sound dreamy:drool:
  14. I vote lizard Birkin. You can buy diamonds anytime, they're more common.
  15. the birkin. watches don't really keep value well...piaguet is better than others in terms of keeping value but a birkin is much better at maintaining its value. Plus if I remember correctly...this watch is quite popular in HK. I remember seeing a lot of my aunties having one. ur better off with the more unquie lizard birkin since most birkins in HK are usually reg. calf or crocs. another plus is ur DH prefers the birkin.
    I do have a question though is the birkin going to be from a H store or from Milan Station?