Piaget possession bracelet vs a JUC?


Feb 25, 2020
I am interested in the piaget possession bracelet here:
But I realized from the weight of it that it's hollow from the inside. Does anyone have experience with how this wears if I would wear it everyday, especially stacked with other bracelets?

i am in between this and a JUC, and I feel like the JUC is more sturdy since it's not hollow like this one, but I really do like the look of the Piaget bracelet. Another thing about the JUC is that I'm already a size 15 in the love bracelet. Would it look okay if I were to get a JUC in the size 15 as well? I called the store today, and they mentioned that many people do this and it looks great, but from everything I've been reading here, you need to size down.
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