1. OK ladies, it's taken me a while to organize a photo shoot for my handbag collection... so here they are!

    First up: my vintage 35cm Rouge H Kelly. This bag is from the 50s, and I'm told that it was once peed on by one of the Queen Mum's beloved corgis! (The original owner apparently went to school with the Queen Mum, and would on occasion be picked up by the Royal livery to attend a garden party - where the incident is said to have occurred...)
    kelly1.jpg kelly3.jpg
  2. Beautiful!
  3. Hahah.. love the story, and what a gorgeous bag !
  4. Gorgeous bags and :roflmfao: at the corgis!!!
  5. nice collection.
  6. ...there are more!

    ok - this is a 32 cm Haut a Courrois from 1984 (first year they made the Birkin). Vache naturelle. A real beauty - the patina on this makes it glow. I took a few photos. Purchased this privately from an Arabian horse breeder who used to run with Anne Getty (so I'm told! - honestly, the stories are half the fun with vintage bags!)
    vache2.jpg vachenaturelle.jpg
  7. This is a 1999 35 cm Birkin in barenia. I love this leather - yes, it scratches, but the scuffs seems to rub out with natural oils in your hand (or something like that). Again, there is a warmth, a patina, that photos don't quite capture. Love this one!
    barenia1.jpg barenia2.jpg
  8. This is my Louboutin Aionoeud clutch in silver (pictured with my "birthday shoes").
  9. ...one more for now: black large Gucci hobo - August 2004.
  10. Hopefully this week I'll get around to taking pictures of some of my old favourites - first designer bags (that would be 1999 and 2000 - the summers of Isabella Fiore and Kate Spade! *sigh*).
  11. Oh, your Birkins are beautiful! I love a bag with history.
  12. You have some really classy bags! Every piece is gorgeous. :love: I love the shinyness of that Louboutin clutch.

    LMAO @ the corgi story.
  13. nice!
  14. wow i can't wait to see all of your other bags!
  15. Love love love that barenia leather. Great collection. Love the Rouge H Kelly as well. Thanks for sharing.