Phyton wear and tear?

  1. So I've got my eye on a beautiumus chloe phyton and it's sooooo soft. I have never ever had a phyton bag before -- how do they stand up compared to calf/buffalo/goat, etc? Any precautions I should know about before I take the plunge???

    TIA :graucho:
  2. OH you lucky girl ............... what style/color? You don't have to do anything to the python, no cleaners, no moisturizing ........... they are a little more delicate than the calf/buff/goat because of the scales -texture. I have to say the python bags are TDF ............ you will get so many comments/compliments on it.
  3. Excellent :yahoo: Which one are you getting? I am somewhat more careful w/my python silverado but it's pretty durable. Just keep it out of the elements and don't put anything on the scales. The only thing that I heard happens is the part that's worn close to the body - the scales can turn upwards. And of course sometimes if you are rough w/the bag the scales can fall off (seen this on eBay in some auctions). BUT the python is one of the most amazing bags I own (I have an 04 chocolate). You won't regret purchasing it! Just figured I'd show mine :rolleyes: