Phyto vs Keratase

  1. which do you prefer?
  2. I would like to know opinions on these as well. Thanks!
  3. I've heard great reviews for both. my favorite product from each line is phyto phytolisse serum and kerastase oleo relax serum. phyto is plant derived and is thus more natural in terms of ingredients. kerastase is a top rated salon line and is very hard to find. it is a division of l'oreal.
    both lines IMO are fantastic and I'm sure others will agree. hope that helps a little :smile:. i am currently using the oleo relax line and its made a significant difference on my dry hair. i also like the fact that with both phyto and kerastase, they are non greasy so you dont need to wash your hands.
  4. My favorite is Phyto. I love the Jojoba Shampoo, Sesame Conditioner, and Phyto 7 and 9, and the hair mist conditioner. Love this stuff!!!
  5. I LOVE the Kerastase Masque Intense conditioner - I had to have my hair color stripped once (mistakenly dyed it black - long story) and this product saved me from having straw hair. I had my normal softness back within days - love it!
  6. I'm a receptionist at a high end salon in the city and I vote for KERASTASE HANDS DOWN, I WOULD DO COMMERCIALS FOR THEM IF I COULD. THEY HAVE TO BE LIKE THE CHANEL OF HAIR PRODUCTS ITS GETS NO BETTER!!! lol but seriously I've tried everything and nothing is better this stuff works miracles.
  7. I love and use both lines. They are made from high quality ingredients and the results show it. For Kerastase I use the Miroir line (magenta bottles) - it's for color-treated hair but I use it anyway because I feel like it makes my dry, constantly flat-ironed hair soft AND shiny too. Before flat-ironing (when hair is wet) I use a bit of Phytodefrisant (a straightening serum) which does not flake at all, wonderful product. The only downside to Phyto (which really isn't a downside) is that they don't have clear-cut shampoo/conditioner combos. Some people have to use a matching combo but with the Phyto line it isn't all that necessary.
  8. Keratase!
  9. Which line has the best volumizer?
  10. Kerastase!!! i use the oleo relax line and the bain satin 1. I love all of their products
  11. I was going to say the same thing :smile: Kerastase products are more concentrated than Phyto so I don't use them as often, but I love both lines!
  12. I also use the Kerastase oleo relax serum and deep conditioner. Since I color my hair all the time it is the only way I have nice long silky hair.
  13. I've only tried Kerastase. And omg, does it smell lovely and feel lovely or what!
  14. I use both and would have a tough time choosing who is better.
    It's hard for me to verbalize, but to me, Kerastase is more nourishing IMO but Phyto is more technical, they have amazing products to fix issues and styling.
    I notice my hair is much more manageable immediately after using Kerastase, but after a few uses of Phyto I see a huge difference as well.
  15. I vote Kerastase