physicians formula

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  1. Does anyone use this brand? I bought the bronzer SPF 20 seems to be very good I have used it for only 2 days so its still fairly new. :biggrin:
  2. I am having really good luck with their Tinted Moisturizer!
  3. Hello, I use the Bronze Gems Bronzer and Bronze & Shimmery Face Powder in Moonlight by Physicians Formula. Love them both
  4. In high school I used their Baked Collection wet/dry eyeshadow practically every day, along with their Eyebrightener and Face Illuminating powder (which I still think did nothing for me...I just liked to carry it around lol). Sadly, over the years I have forgotten how much I liked some of their stuff. Maybe I'll pick some up during my next trip to CVS.
  5. they now came out with spf 50 products which is awesome since the sun is what ages us all..
  6. This brand is one of my favorite from the drug store. Everything i have tried i have liked! It is a very nice and high quality brand. Definetely check it out when they have sales.
  7. i sometimes use their blush and highlighting powders just for a less expensive change from my usual department store products
  8. 2nd!
  9. I have the Shimmer Strips Custom Blush & Highlighter in Sunkissed Glow. I love it. It looks great as a blush for me.
  10. i had an awesome blush with a shimmer side...i bought it maybe 2 yrs ago. i absolutely love it. sadly it's all gone now and i can't find it any where.

    i wear a lot of p/f and i like most of it...a new blush i got to replace the other one is way to dark for me though.
  11. I like their Bronze Gems Bronzers. It looks very natural.