phylao's collection

  1. here's my little collection :smile:

  2. Love your damier collection!!
  3. Good! Nice Damier collection!!
  4. i could tell that you're into damier ;) yay!!!!! i like damier too it's so classy and sassy
  5. Great looking collection! I love the Damier family!
  6. Beautiful collection! Love the bears :p
  7. that whole family is so cute!
  8. Great damier collection!
  9. thanks!
    damier is easy to take care of :smile:
  10. Great collection! Love the bears too. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I LOVE your discrett taste- the mocha speedy is gorgeous!
  12. great collection, thanks for sharing.
  13. Fabulous collection. I like your speedy!
  14. i love it ALL! especially the fleur bracelet!
  15. Gorgeous collection, congrats!