Photoshopping, before and after

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  1. On this photo I put smoother skin, a slimmer nose, fuller lips, more eye makeup/lipstick/blush, and a richer hair colour. I'm only an art student, and it's scares me the things that I can achieve, without even being a professional.

  2. Wow...that's nice!
    I wish I could photoshop my pics sometimes lol.
    But good job!
  3. i love mssin around with PS!
  4. I wish I can learn how to photoshop!
  5. Wow How do you do it? Awesome..
  6. I love photoshop :biggrin: It's great to use when you get pictures taken and you've got a god awful zit somewhere :smile:
  7. I always do it on my photos !! It´s crazy bc I can´t send any pict -especially when it´s to go in a newspaper or for an article somewhere- without under eyes dark circles, my zits, erase lines, and put myself a smooth youthfull skin effect.
    It´s rather simple, you do a research on google and you´ll find plenty of Photoshop tutorials for before/after skin, just follow the instructions.
  8. :wtf: OMG
  9. I love to mess with my photos =) loads of fun!
  10. Amazing!!
  11. whenever i see examples of retouching, i always find it striking what HORRIBLE skin most models have. crazy!
  12. me too mellecyn! LOL!

    I always photoshop my photos before printing them, usually just whitening my eyes and removeing redness or shine:biggrin:
    I also tend to whiten other people's teeth in photos before printing too! LOL!
  13. im a photoshop expert because i model but i dont overdo myself because i dont like that plastic look
  14. Have you guys seen that dove commercial that show this step by makes me wonder women can't be happy with themselves the way they are.
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