Photoshopped MC Beverly~!

  1. Don't know if anyone has done this or if it's out yet, but my lovely BF photoshopped these for me!:love: I so want the MM!
    bag.jpg bag2.jpg
  2. Sorry! I still think the MC Priscilla is prettier! I say don't wait for the Beverly MC go for a Priscilla!
  3. wow, very nice ... thanks for sharing! I say get what will make you happy!
  4. Cute!! Its great theyre coming out with these, IMO, there arent enough shoulder MC bags!
  5. Cute Kim!
  6. Nicely done!
  7. Not a real MC fan but i really like it
  8. Your Bf did a great job! , I think the MC beverly looks so cute.
  9. YUM!!!! It looks EFFING GORGEOUS!!! :drool:
  10. It looks so good, he did a great job !!
  11. Really pretty! And I'm not a big fan of MC!
  12. Looks great!!
    FYI, the photos in the lookbook, show the MC beverly having chains on the handle, in addition to the vachetta strap.
  13. i guess its like a marilyn but bigger
  14. beautiful.
  15. Cute! Looking forward to seeing the MC Beverly IRL.