Photoshopped celebs: before and after

  1. OMG! That is incredible!
  2. What a difference some photoshopping can make!!!
  3. WOW! That's interesting! Thanks for posting!:balloon:
  4. WOW.....great thread!!! Makes me feel alittle better....he he
  5. really interesting - some are naturally just super beautiful (like Penelope, Katherine and Brittany) and are just enhanced but in some cases - wow!

    thanks for posting - I will always come back to this when I just really do not like myself. haha
  6. AMAZING!! wow, I'm going to show all my friends this! It's funny because we all know these pictures of celebs are so touched up, but somehow we always forget..great reminder!
  7. Wow, that's pretty amazing! Such tiny changes can make such a huge difference.. smoothing skin, etc. my favorite was adding curves, ROFL
  8. Wow!! How crazy!!!! Did you guys see how they even changed the some of the girls color so they didn't appear to be so washed out???? Crazy stuff..

    Great thread! Thanks for posting!!!
  9. That is really incredible.

    They actually change so much!! Remove arm flab, thin out the waist, lift breasts, change nostril!!
  10. I was surprised how they made Eva have a little more hip and softer arms, more curvy and less gaunt. And the boob lift they did on Beyonce. I went to the original site and the only one that looks amazing natural was Halley and Naomi. Both of them are simply beautiful.
  11. They all looked beautiful in their befores IMO. Of course they look great after the retouching but for me real is better. Eva was the only one that looked a little bad in her before..but the angle of the photo was not good either.
  12. I agree with Newgrlonthebloc. They looked good before. They just look very photoshopped after...
  13. Thank you for posting this! It was so interesting to look at!
  14. That's how I see it too. They looked gorgeous before and a bit unreal after. What is wrong with having pores? :p