photoshop help! pretty please.

  1. I was wondering if someone that has photoshop could pretty please change the color of this speedy to a baby pink color for me? I need it for school but I don't have photoshop and I also don't know how to use it. =/ I would greatley appreciate it.


  2. Hope this helps!:smile:
  3. Yes it does! Thanks a million! I owe you one!!
  4. WOW good job:tup:
  5. Her are a couple more,I deepened the pinks a bit more on these two.
    pink1.jpg pink2.jpg
  6. oh yay I love the 3rd one...I think I'm going to use that one.
  7. Katerina here is the speedy with the pink handles you wanted hope it's ok.
  8. yay its perfect! thank you once again it means alot to me!:smile: