PHOTOS: What's inside your PS?

  1. Well, great! I always try to find information like this on tPF, so I try to provide it when I can for other posters.
  2. Tangerine PS1 Pouch super stuffed!


    Prada long wallet, key pouch, LeSportsac tissue holder miscellaneous items, Raybans- aviators, earphones, lipbalm, iPhone travel charger and iPhone (which i was using for the picture)
  3. i can't believe the PS11 can fit an ipad. cool.
    now i have to rethink whether to get the ps1 or the ps11!
  4. A general PS1 Medium comment, with respect to size, I am surprised as to how small the medium is... it was rather full today with my normal load, and everything must be in its place. This baby is my first PS1, I also have the SKA which is huge. I will take a look at the large PS1 for the next one.'s still pure, unadulterated love.

    Today, Neon Coral PS1 Medium
    Balenciaga Money Wallet
    Balenciaga Coin Purse
    Prada M/U bag (carries all the loose stuff)
    Tom Ford Sunnies Case
    Hugo Boss Eye Glass case
    Pepper Spray in the inside zipper :ninja:
    Cell phone went in the outside pouch
  5. Yep, that's pretty much what my Medium holds as well. I always carry my cell phones in the front pocket (in the Large PS1, too), so that doesn't bother me.

    A lot of people compare the Medium PS1 to the Bal City, but I feel like it's smaller.

    I love my Tobacco suede, but if I buy any more PS1s, they'll be the Large size. The proportion is different so it has a more utilitarian "look," but the size is better suited to my needs.
  6. Absolutely agree with you, smaller than the City. I have room to wiggle in the City, not in the Medium PS1. I am going to drop by Nordies tomorrow and try the Large PS1.... I suppose I could downsize the Prada makeup bag but the moment I do not have the essential emergency bits, I am CERTAIN I will need them :p
  7. I remember being struck (not in a bad way) by how small the medium PS1 actually is. When you have any size KA, it is a perfect alternative. I use the interior zipped compartment as a "makeup bag" to carry whatever I'm going to need for touch-ups throughout the day.. It's perfect for lipstick, liner, mascara and powder, and you don't have to fish through all the products you won't be needing!
  8. I dropped by Nordies today.... I definitely need a large PS1 :cry: I am a little blue....
  9. No longer blue! I found a Neon Coral PS1 in large, YAY!!!! :yahoo:
  10. Yay!! Coral is such a lovely color. Are you keeping the Medium as well?
  11. essentials
  12. NOT mine. Belongs toMs. Frances Kwon of Pinkhorrorshow :smile:
  13. This is my :

    BV wallet
    Ray ban sunny
    make-up purse

    Raspberry PS 1 medium
  14. Help, i can't post my photo here..:nogood:
  15. Have you tried to click "Go Advanced" in the reply box below, and then click manage attachments?

    I'd like to see your pic :wondering