Photos wearing your PURSES Pls :)

  1. I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of my Rouge Vif Purse and and extremely excited to finally have my *dream bag* soon!:yahoo::heart:
    Yet, as you all know, waiting is the worst part! :sos:

    I have never seen a Purse IRL and would LOVE to see you ladies wearing your fabulous Purses.:yes:

    So could you please be so kind to posts Photos wearing your Purses?

  2. ....would love to see some, ladies:cutesy:
  3. Hi Marie(nice name), firstclass is the purse queen, if you look at the link of members modeling their bags you will find her modeling her purses, she's very chic
  4. Hi Marie^^ Thanks for your response! :flowers:I just figured since we have a post for pics wearing your citys, twiggys, firsts etc we should have Purse one, too! I agree, Firstclass has beautiful Purses and a fabulous style- she's a good tPF friend of mine:drinkup:I hope she posts her Purses in here, too!:yes:
  5. Marie don't forget to post pics of your new purse when she arrives:p you lucky thing
  6. I definitely will!:yes:
  7. Awwwww you guys makes me blush :shame: thank you for the nice compliments MarieG and marie1..... :tender:

    Ok, I also will post my pics here - wearing my loved purses ;)

    '04 orange (pumpkin)

    '06 pale rose

    '05 caramel

    '04 seafoam
  8. Firstclass, you are our purse queen!!!
  9. and my last one .... the '05 blue india


    and the '06 rouge vif (which is sold)


  10. :nuts: ohhhhhhh .... thank you so much stefeil...... :heart: :queen:

    MarieG ..... can't wait to see your pics too ;) :yes:
  11. Thanks for posting, Firstclass!:flowers: You look fabulous as always!
    Come on, ladies, don't be shy: I know quite a few of you have beautiful PURSES that want to be photographed with you!:woohoo:
  12. Firstclass, You NEED red! You look so gorgeous, totally first class.

    MarieG : I am also waiting for a vif, but in the city. I live in the U.S., but mine is coming from Australia where you are! Funny. Mine will be here in 5-7 days depending on the Easter holiday. I am so happy for us! The vif purse will be great for your black collection. Keep us updated!

  13. Congrats Shasta!!:yahoo: What a funny coincidence!:yes: And mine will be here in the same timeframe, too! Congrats to us and pls keep us updated, too!:drinkup:
  14. I guess there are not that many Purses around... that means there are more for us to snatch up in future, fellow Purse lovers;)