Photos wearing your Bbags ***COMMENTS***

  1. I will be in town Monday-Wednesday, I am originally from North Shore area and love getting a chance to stay downtown. It would be fabulous to run into another tPF'r especially wearing the same bag!!!!

    Thanks, I'll take the Madonna compliment and RUN with it!!! I will wear my sunnies too! LOL!!!

    Thanks so much Tokyo!!! You are such as doll as always!

    Chloe Glamour.....Hot my dear!!! You need to move to L.A.!!! LOL~ YOu would scortch the town!!!
  2. ahaha ghost you are too funny ,thank you bella!!! you are so gorgeous blonde :graucho::tender:
  3. Chloeglamour, I just looked at your photos. If only I can have at least half of your sense of style, I would be so happy. You look great!

    Roey, what are you talking about? You, too, have great style! Would love to have a toned bod like yours! The Bbag looks great on you!
  4. Ghost, such great pictures! Looks like you had loads of fun.

    Saff, your pochette looks great, love your coat too. And the hip looks like such a handy bag, perfect for weekends. I like the way you've customised it.

    Rocktiddy, your framboise courier is gorgeous.

    Civicgirl, love your galet city, looks great on you.

    CG, wow, that ruby clutch and I love what you are wearing with it. Wonderful.

    mmmoon, your black cherry clutch is delicious. I love this deep red, very classy.
  5. Thanks! I almost didn't post after looking at your shots with the RT City. They were so lovely, I thought I should go take some more artistic pictures first :p
  6. chloeg - Fi, I've said it before and I have to say it again, I love your hair! :girlsigh: (and your bags and your styling, that goes without saying LOL)

    tokyo - Lovely blouse. The Silk range has nice things!

    drati - Love the Camel, what a great neutral.
  7. Klow_chloe : love your style and your mod shot!

    Ghost55 : your AG day is sooo gorgeoussssss!!!

    Chloeglamour : I always admire your style, you've really inspired me!!
  8. Thanks bag-gage. What actually IS the Balenciaga silk range?
  9. you are too sweet bella !!you make me blush :blush::blush:
  10. thank you so much BAG GAGE,SWEET DRATI ,IG1S, ANNA FOR YOUR WORDS:hugs::flowers::ty:
  11. Tryin' to kill me????
  12. :lol::hugs::devil::devil:
  13. Apart from the seasonal ready to wear, Balenciaga does capsule collections of basics - well, basic as far as Balenciaga goes LOL. In pants, knits, silk, leather, t-shirts, and black dresses. The labels say eg Balenciaga.Pants or Balenciaga.Silk instead of just Balenciaga. The Silk range has light dresses, blouses, tanks etc done in silk.

  14. klow-chloe, aw thank you! I'm usually not a pink person but I really like Amethyst:smile:

    Tokyo *M, thaks for your lovely comment, you are always so sweet:hugs:

    Lalicvin, love your Amethyst Midday!!

    Chloe *F*
    , looking great with the Ruby FC!! What a perfect color on this clutch. And you are always so stylish:smile: I really like your Amthra RGGH too, I like this HW on Anthra and Siegle so it does grow on me just a tiny bit;)

    mmmoon, love your FC mod pics!! You wear it really well! I think this is one of my fav Bal clutches:woohoo:

    roey, as I already have mentions I really like the RGGH on Anthra and you City is gorgeous!!

    meganka, aww those pics are so cute!! And you are so lucku to have a colleauge/friend to talk Bbags with! Lovely Jaune Day you have:love:
  15. Thank you drati, P&P! :blush: