Photos wearing your Bbags ***COMMENTS***

  1. Missty4 - great style and lovely pics!!:smile:
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  2. Delmilano Love the twiggy with your tie dye dress. Can I ask if the twiggy slides off your shoulders when carried with the handles or the strap?
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    Tokyo, thank you. You have a great memory! That camel part time was really stiff, and a bit dry too. But once it started breaking in it became soft so quickly. It's so slouchy now, I love it.

    Silverfern, I am so glad too I decided to get these boots, I feel great wearing them. I still love wearing bags cross body -- I used to always wear cross body bags, I like being hands free and not having to worry about my bag falling off my shoulder. (Hey, I love your new bracelet too, it's gorgeous. You could post your pic here in the modeling thread.)

    And thanks SusanLee, P&P and klow-chloe', for your sweet comments.
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  4. Missty, rggh and anthra is such a classy combination. Please post some more pictures when your bags is broken in a little.

    Del, I carried the same bag yesterday! And like you I was blown away again by the leather. It's so silky soft, isn't it? Stunning. I love the twiggy with summer dresses and skirts, looks great with your new tie dress.
  5. delmilano, your looking great with that :heart: dress
    wonderwoman, i love your anthra hobo !!
  6. viewwing : thank you, it depends on the fabric or leather i am wearing, i can carry with the handles over the shoulder without slipping when the bag not fully stuffed, sometimes one of the handles slips off though. with the shoulder strap i don't have any trouble with the strap slipping off the shoulder, even when it's fully stuffed.
    drati : thanks *D*, the leather on the grey 06 twiggy is so silky soft, amazingly beautiful, and this grey is just TDF, love this shade of elephant skin grey. i love your mod pics, the town looks great with that grey dress, the sanguine mu stands out beautifully on your outfit. you also rock the besace.
    Pollie-Jean : thank you for your kind words.:smile:
  7. ww *B*, you look really good with the Hobo! This is not my cup of tea but you wear it really well and I will imagine it's very comfy:smile: I'm glad you love it!

    Missty, ok it do not like RGGH but your pics of Anthra RGGH PT kind of changes my mind a little, you look super chic with it! In you pics the zipper does not look so different from the rest of the HW either, but that could be the lightening. Anyway, I really love it on you!

    Delmilano, wow you look so hot in your tie dye dress and grey Twiggy:woohoo: And you know I think those shoes are TDF! I went to H&M to look for them the other day, but they didn't have them:shucks: Must look other places too.
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    snadysandiego - You and your Olive City are gorgeous. I love the Olive with RGGH.

    missty4 - Love all your mod pics. Your photos are amazing. The Anthra with RGGH is GORGEOUS! LOVE your Leather jacket too.

    delmilano - Love you tie dye dress looks so good with your gris fonce twiggy.

    jmperez303 - The Canard looks so good on you. Love the riding boots too.
  9. Missty4 - you look great - also love the leather jacket - I was wondering whose it is? Thanks
  10. Dear Addy - sorry - posted comment in the pictures only - now I get it
  11. thanks pollie jean and *A* i really love this style!! so comfy, and love it more than the day!
  12. Missty, I think you look great with your RGGH, I also love your leather jacket...who is it by?
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    violetgirl, you look as stunning as ever and love your noix twiggy!
  14. purses & pugs : thanks hon, the problem with h&m is that their stock sold out so fast, i wanted a jacket and was there too late. i hope you'll find the sandals in another h&m soon. :smile:
    klow-chloe' : thank you, your RT is fab, i love your mod shots, they look really stylish.