Photos wearing your Bbags ***COMMENTS***

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  1. Ladies, this thread is for posting comments on the Photos wearing your Bbags thread.

    Please keep the other thread clean. :yahoo:
  2. okay, mims, i nominate you to be our balenciaga model for the whole balenciaga forum-you are way too cute ;) and i love the way you wear them :love:
  3. Cool thread I'll get some pics done tonite when I get home.
  4. MiMi, are you a professional model? Because seriously, you totally rock out all your bags with STYLE!! :nuts: :amuse:

    I really need to learn those sexy hip moves when I take pictures of myself... :smile:
  5. Great photos--I thought you were a model--I mean it.
  6. :shame: Oh my goodness everyone!

    :love: thanks for all of the compliments. I would love to model, that would be a dream come true! ;)

    wow, you all just made my year - thank you! Everyone is way too sweet and kind! I can't wait to see photo's of how everyone rocks their own bbags!
  7. Love the bordeaux! You're making me want one now!!!
  8. Great thread!
    Mimi I also thought that you were a model when I saw the photos! And I love your outfits, especially the first one!
  9. MiMi, you have awesome style!!
  10. mims, i'm going to send you all of my bags so you can model them for me ;) if i modeled them myself, believe me, the designers will lose their business :lol: :lol:
  11. MiMi,
    How tall are you? I am looking at a Classique, and wondered for size comparison.
  12. oooo i love the emerald and the burgundy wine ones!!!! soooo pretty, love how you carry them. definitely make a statement.
  13. Thanks Fayden, becca, miss and jas!!!!!

    Tln, I'm about 5'9 :biggrin:
  14. Bag!! No!! The whole point of this thread is to see how each unique individual rocks their bag - you are gorgeous, and I am POSITIVE the bags look SMASHING on you!!!

    I wanted to create this thread so we could all gain ideas and inspiration from eachother... :idea:
  15. yay! please do! I can't wait for others to share! :nuts:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.