Photos wearing your Balenciaga Bags PICS ONLY

  1. Here I am with my apple green and rouge theater cities. I'm 5'3" and around 105 lbs.
  2. Here is my Rouge Vif City :love: and me !!!!!
    moi+ rouge.jpg
  3. Pics of me showing off my motorcycle/prototype purse (looks like a gigantic first :p ), sorry lots of bad camera phone pictures with the same bag.. I'm also answering that thread , I think it looks good with any outfit (casual with skinny jeans and oversized tee/girly with summer dress/ and more serious- sophisticated equistrian style). Btw the interior is suede (:drool: so soft) and has 2 pockets, yay!:wlae: ). I also think it looks better full than flat.
    13-09-06_2056.jpg 13-09-06_2114.jpg 13-09-06_2115.jpg 13-09-06_2120.jpg
  4. Me in Florence after my DH having just bought me my second lovely bag from Luisa Viaroma. :yahoo:Rouge vif hobo, soon more pics to come...
    Italy 06 187.jpg
  5. This is it, now i have the rouge , the black city 06,the caramel 05 and the lovely mini twigyy teal 05:wlae:
    lv 481.jpg
  6. this is my first bbag(but not the last...I'm completely addicted to this leather:it's so soft!):a black Twiggy 2006
  7. b bag photoshoot 009 (2).jpg

    this is me with my very first b bag - an '06 ink messenger :wlae:

    hope to really start building a collection of messengers, men weekenders, and couriers up soon! :love:
  8. Cornflower First:love: + moi + flash:shame: ...
    moi+cornflower1.jpg moi+cornflower2.jpg
  9. Camel Part Time worn 4 first but not my last!




  10. Here's finally me with my first bbag - calcaire the first :nuts:
    Thanks for Roxane who found it from eBay and adviced me how to get it, and of course thanks to everyone who wished me luck with it..!! :flowers:
    first bbag.jpg
  11. Me and my lovely red!!!
    gucci 011Ny.JPG
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Hey guys.This is me with my beautiful daughter natasha (althought she doesn't look very happy) and my cornflower work :heart: :p
    day in birdworld 029.jpg day in birdworld 034.jpg
  14. Me and my new Rouge Vif City :yahoo:

    I'm 5'4" and 97 pounds.
    BredCityBev1.jpg BredCityBev2.jpg BredCityBev3.jpg
  15. Me and my 'new' L:heart: VE: the sweet '05 turquoise mini twiggy - got it today :yahoo: :wlae: :love:
    115-1508.pf_IMG.jpg 115-1504.pf_IMG.jpg 114-1499.pf_IMG.jpg 115-1515.pf_IMG.jpg