Photos wearing your Balenciaga Bags PICS ONLY

  1. I guess I'll add this here! This is my Caramel purse (looks like she is gonna be a keeper after all!)
  2. Here's me with my 02 black flat brass classique and my new MJ gladiator sandals!
    02 first.jpg
  3. Wow!!! everyone looks so fabulous with thier bbags. Here is my first and only bbag(for now). T

    he next day after i bought it, i felt that i need more bbag. It 's such a love at first touch....:biggrin:
    Resize of Resize of Rotation of P1010162.JPG
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  4. i wanted to post these pics here for anyone wanting to see fire engine red work being worn, in case the other thread gets old and lost.;)
    carryingrouge1.jpg carryingrouge2.jpg carryingrouge3.jpg
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  5. Oh i really like this thread. You all look really gorgeous ladies :smile:
    I only have 1 balenciaga box in rouge, the sky blue balenciaga belongs to my sister, but i borrow her bags sometimes :shame:
    B1.jpg B2.jpg B3.jpg
  6. Magenta box
  7. Me and my Blueberry City
    Balenciaga8.JPG Balenciaga9.JPG
  8. some pics of my inks being worn... the day and the city sizes.
    I'm 5'4...
    th_KIF_4017.jpg th_KIF_4021.jpg th_KIF_4023.jpg th_KIF_4026.jpg th_thKIF_4014.jpg th_thKIF_4016.jpg
  9. Girls

    I am proud to introduce you my daughter Natasha :welcome::heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    She is nearly three (half british- daddy- and half spanish - mummy- ) but she loves handbags just like mummy. Her favourite, of couse, the classic black first. :love: :love: :love:
    natasha july 06 021.jpg
  10. Here's a pic of me with my black city. I think I posted a pic a long time ago with it, but this is a new, updated version with my Louboutin bruges, which I finally got! ;)
  11. Here is a pic of my new PINK "PURSE" style! Sorry Im not wearing anything fancy, but you can see the bag POP with black clothing..
  12. My little girl is literally "wearing" the Balenciaga bag! :p:love:
    The moment she saw my Grenat Day, she wanted to jump inside, just like she did with my LV Petit Noe when she was much younger ~:upsidedown::lol::girlsigh:

    Pic10 532w.jpg Pic10 534w.jpg Pic10 537w.jpg
  13. LOL finally, i can put me and my DREAM bag on here!!! :yahoo:
    woo hoo!!! i love b-bags!!!
  14. Ok here's my new Conrnflower box on it's maiden voyage to the mall. I am amazed at how much the box holds. I would say as much as my City and I stuff them.:yahoo: :yahoo:
  15. :shame::love: Awww ladies thank you sooooo much for your compliments!!!! They made my day!!!!

    And here I am, with my new TURQUOISE 05 FIRST!!!!!!!! (helen we're bag twins we're bag twins, yay!!!! hahahahah :yahoo:)

    Excuse my outfit, it was unbearably hot. And my BANGS!! :wtf: I just got them cut and am undecided on whether I want to just shave my head so all my hair can be the same length again or not :nuts::roflmfao:

    WOW do I look YOUNG in that pic!! It was right after my bout with the flu, so no make up or anything.. :shame: hehe I'm older than I look, I swear!!! :upsidedown: