Photos wearing your Balenciaga Bags PICS ONLY

  1. Toting my part-time giant gold hardware :smile:
    IMG_6323.JPG IMG_4710.JPG IMG_4781.JPG
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    Anthracite SGH Part Time. This baby is so buttery & smooshy!
  3. Me and my Militaire Work today at Work :smile:
  4. My day bag For a weekend in Paris
  5. My Twiggy Pourpre in RH waiting to ride our 1969 Classic VW Beetle
  6. ready for the new week with my day
    Photo on 07-10-13 at 13.24.jpg Photo on 07-10-13 at 13.25 #3.jpg
  7. Hello Monday!

    Target dress
    Balenciaga first
  8. 05 Rouge Theater Day
    IMG_2850.jpg IMG_2841.jpg IMG_2847.jpg IMG_2849.jpg
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    2013 Anthracite City with G12 Giant Hardware

  10. [​IMG]

    2011 Anthracite RGGH City, TheBalm Stainiac on lips and new Equipment blouse in Washed Black :smile::smile:
  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1381419842.548255.jpg

    I just love this bag
  12. Black Classic City RH
  13. My all-time favorite workhorse bag for 5 years
  14. Seafoam '04 First :smile:

  15. Coquelicot mRGGH Part Time!