Photos wearing your Balenciaga Bags PICS ONLY

  1. Sorbet came with me to Bangkok for a weekend of food and shopping! :heart:

  2. [​IMG]
  3. IMG_0214.jpg



    Gris ciment - triple tour bracelet & cuff bracelet
    Dark Knight in rggh 12 Env clutch (couldn't help a snapshot with my friend's lovely clutch!)
    Orange Brule in giant 21 rggh Env clutch (my newest addition!)

    Hope you like the pics! Happy to share!
  4. IMG_9633.jpg



    This is mid-day rggh 21 in anthracite.
  5. a lovely coq EC in RGGH all ready to accompany me through a girls' nightout :graucho:
  6. [​IMG]

    white balenciaga city today :smile:
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    black city 2011 :p
  8. My very first BBag PT in Bleu Cobalt!:woohoo:[​IMG]
  9. Out with my new (to me ) City in Ink shopping for outfits to go with her :p
  10. IMG_9557.jpg


    A pop of red to brighten up everyone's blue Monday!
  11. me & my black City
  12. first in nuage

  13. 2005 teal mens day PH

  14. ^^Like the men's day style on you Lisahopkins, very nice in teal.
    Here is my 06 gris foncé twiggy with my IRO jacket


  15. ^^Wooo I love the IRO on you!! I just sent back the bright blue cause the fit wasn't great on me!! Now I want that burnt orange one you're wearing!!
    Anyway, here is my Dark Violet '12 City!! PS. We're at Chucky Cheese so don't mind the background lol!