Photos wearing your Balenciaga Bags PICS ONLY

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    Inspired by the "What do you wear with your bbags?" thread.

    This is a place where we can gather inspiration from others, see how sizes look on people, get a feel for eachother's style.. and just admire our Balenciaga's!

    I hope others will join in, here are some outfit photos of me with a few of my Balenciaga's from my collection.. I'll try and remember to take photo's of the bags that are missing next time I wear them out!

    Spring/Summer 2003 Emerald Classique with longer strap, Fall/Winter 2003 Red Classique, Spring/Summer 2005 Sky Blue Hobo
    EmeraldOn2.jpg EmeraldOn3.jpg FULLSIZE.jpg TFS.jpg BalenciagSkyBlueHoboOn.jpg
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  2. hey what a great thread!
    attached is a pic of me with my black city - i'm about 5'1

    beach 090.jpg
  3. Alright here I am with my black city...I'm 5'3
    city.jpg city2.jpg
  4. here's me with my bronze metallic box. too bad it's not a city, but i love it the same! (yes, i'm in a desperate need of a tan, hahaha..)

    thanks for starting this thread byMiMi, i love your pictures btw! :smile:
    bronze1.jpg bronze2.jpg
  5. Not the best pix (taken the night of my 21st birthday....) but I had my lovely balenciaga!
    Me and Kareem.jpg Group Picture 2.jpg
  6. Ok .... now it's on me to show you my bbags ! I'm sorry about the not very good quality of pics .... but my husband wasn't very patient, you know :hrmm: !!?? :biggrin:
    106-0632_IMG.JPG 106-0636_IMG.JPG 106-0638_IMG.JPG
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  7. Here's me with my new '05 rouge city. You can't really tell from the picture, but those pants have very thin check patterns and one of the colors for the lines is actually really close to the rouge... I'm so happy I got this bag! :smile:
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  8. Here I am trying to show a skirt (not my stomach but low and behold the two baby belly ;) ) with my (sold yesterday) Calcaire first (and fav. missoni cap).

    Weight lifting my cornflower city.

    And being coy again with the same bag.

    I hate my eBay photo's, but that's all I have :rolleyes:
    sprotmax.jpg leafdress3.jpg black dress.jpg
  9. winona- I always LOVE your outfits. You look great for a mom. :yes:

    Alright. I finally got off my lazy butt and took some photos. I'm not very interesting with my clothes, but I just wanted to show you guys how the flat brass classique looks like with it's longer shoulder strap.

    btw, those are my favorite skinnies, I bought them from diesel two summers ago. I love them because I have a pretty boyish figure with a pretty boyish personality, so when I wear bootcut or what have you- I look like a boy.

    Taking these bags out for a photo shoot has made me realize I cannot let them go!! Ahhhhhh! :graucho:
    flatbrass1.jpg flatbrass2.jpg dolma.jpg skyblue.jpg
  10. Finally! I got sick of waiting for my brother's camera, so I bought my own!;) This is her first run, and I'm a lousy photographer, so please excuse my ineptness. Oh, and sorry for the shots of my bathroom - it was the only place with good enough light.:shame:

    Picture 001.jpg

    Picture 002.jpg

    Picture 003.jpg

    Picture 004.jpg

    Picture 006.jpg

    I normally carry it on my shoulder - it looks better when its not quite so full as it was today.
  11. Just received in addition to my collection: my first HOBO in sky-blue !!!! I'm soooo happy - I LOVE IT :yahoo::heart:
    107-0724_IMG.JPG 107-0726_IMG.JPG
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  12. I'd like to add one more picture to wearing my new Hobo . . . I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH :heart::love:
  13. :shame: i've just quickly taken some pics of me with my wonderful b-bags... umm, my fashion sense is a bit behind my bag fashion sense... and i feel like a complete dork hehehehehehe :lol: mind my face expressions!!! :roflmfao: i guess i should spend a bit more time on buying clothes rather than bags!!! :lol:
    Dsc01605.jpg Dsc01609.jpg Dsc01607.jpg Dsc01611.jpg Dsc01612.jpg
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  14. Sorry, I know I promised to post this along time ago but I've been waiting to get my bf to take a better picture (I don't usually hold my hand that way!) and have finally given up. Unfortunately, in this one, I look like a bit of a dork, but oh well. Here's my black city:
  15. this is a pic of my big sis carrying her apple green city on our recent trip....i didn't bring any of my balenciagas on this trip!
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