Photos since new version of tPF

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  1. I don't know where I should post this (sorry!) but when I go into a thread hardly any photos are showing - I have to click on a link and I'm directed to a new page. Is there a way to have the photos showing automatically like it used to? I'm using an iPhone and an iPad.

    Thank you
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  2. I can't see them either :sad:
  3. yes me either - and regarding photos - what happen to my photo albums from before
  4. I am not even able to go on the app on my phone.
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  5. Maybe they will work the kinks out soon.
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  6. Yeah I kept trying but I can't use my purse forum app :sad: that's so sad hope it will comeback real soon
  7. I can't see photos either. I come to TPF for photos, so I hope there is a fix.
  8. Yes that is exactly why I'm here too - I flip through and just look at the pictures ;)
  9. Yes I hope it isn't permanent!!
  10. When you post new pictures, you'll have to select full screen and not thumbnail for them to appear normally.
  11. That's helpful thank you. I hope they can do something with the photos which have already been posted. I use the clubhouse all the time when researching a new piece and its much better when the photos show up automatically
  12. I am also here for the photos. Now I cannot even open the forum app.
  13. Ugh! I hate learning new things...
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  14. What about just viewing photos? Will we always have to click the link to view them? They are not showing automatically at the moment?
  15. I did a little more reading and see that the photos will be displayed they way they used to be in a few days.