Photos of your VINTAGE LIGNE pieces!!

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    Please post any photos you have from the Vintage Ligne, please also include any info such as price, color, style name, etc. . . .
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    Here's the Vintage Ligne Large Tote in white {dark white}, it retailed for $1995.
    DSCF2139.jpg DSCF2140.jpg DSCF2141.jpg DSCF2142.jpg DSCF2143.jpg DSCF2148.jpg DSCF2149.jpg DSCF2145.jpg DSCF2146.jpg
  3. Here's my new one (same as Swanky's) in Dark Brown :smile:
    newchanels1.JPG newbagside.JPG newbagfront.JPG
  4. Here's me with my light Brown. I'm 5 feet tall:P .

    NoFace.jpg NoFace2.jpg
  5. square vintage ligne box in black:

    retails for $1795. originally from f/w 2005, now re-released for 2006. it is also currently available in burgundy brown and dark brown.
    SV box.jpg SV box side.jpg SV box top.jpg SV box hardware.jpg SV button.jpg SV tag.jpg
  6. Square Vintage Tote in Dark Chocolate Brown -- $1995
    watermarked1.JPG watermarked.JPG
  7. The Chanel tag just says "small tote bag" and it is black. $1925, from the 06A season.



  8. Vintage Ligne Tote in gray (retail $1995)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Vintage Ligne Tote in Brown (Tag just says Brown.)
    Square_Vintage_Tote.jpg svshoulder2.JPG
  10. Vintage ligne tote in Dark Chocolate (i believe the tag says dk brown) But it looks like quilted CHOCOLATE!!! yumm...
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. This is a choco square-ish/trapezoid-ish bag with 3 separate compartments (spy bag eat your heart out!). $2400 or so. Straps fit over the shoulder.



  12. I finally found my dream bag: the dark white vintage ligne tote. I just looooooooove it! I'll try to post modeling pics soon. The size ( i guess they are two sizes one small-this one- one large) is perfect. does not look like a travel bag (ouf!!). The strapes never slip from shoulders.

  13. small square box in taupe-ish color:

  14. Vintage Ligne Tote in Gray :wlae:
    DSC00766.JPG DSC00768.JPG DSC00770.JPG DSC00772.JPG DSC00775.JPG
  15. 06A small tote bag in dark bordeaux.
    Bought this from ebay for $1,150 brand new (so the seller says...)

    The craftsmanship of this bag gives me a shock - look at the fourth picture...:wtf:
    06A Vintage Ligne Small Square Box 1a.jpg 06A Vintage Ligne Small Square Box 2a.jpg 06A Vintage Ligne Small Square Box 3a.jpg 06A Vintage Ligne Small Square Box 4a.jpg 06A Vintage Ligne Small Square Box 5a.jpg