Photos of your SOFT & CHAIN Ligne!

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  1. #1 Feb 17, 2007
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    Photos, price, style name only please!No chatting!
  2. Soft and chain hobo 2350. in beige/blush and black from the south coast plaza boutique

    chanel 165.jpg
    chanel 166.jpg
    chanel 172.jpg
    chanel 164.jpg
  3. Large soft and chain hobo in white.


  4. Soft n chain pouchette in black.

  5. Large Soft and Chain Hobo
    Spring, 2007 Collection

  6. blue soft and chain large flap (spring 2007), $2125
  7. Soft and chain (small?) flap from S/S 2007. It was $1850 at Neiman Marcus.
    Style# 07P A34577Y02419
    IMG_0929.JPG IMG_0930.JPG IMG_0919.JPG IMG_0925.JPG
  8. Soft and Chain from Saks black smaller flap... Although it fits my full size porte tresor LV wallet, LV agenda, keys cell phone, card holder, and medium size Prada cosmetics bag with room to spare. Love this bag.
    soft1.jpg soft4.jpg soft2.jpg soft3.jpg
  9. Soft -n- Chain Small Black Flap
  10. 07 Soft & Chain Blue Flap
    BLUE.jpg Blue1.jpg Blue2.jpg Blue3.JPG